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Learn what works, what doesn't and why. The Automated Testing Handbook is a practical blueprint for successful test automation, complete with checklists, templates and techniques to help you every step of the way.

How to

Why isn't automated testing a reality? In an age of rapid development in increasingly complex environments, automation is the only real hope for achieving any acceptable level of test coverage. Yet, even with all of the tools and technology available, the overwhelming amount of testing is still done manually.

The good news is when it does succeed, software test automation reaps huge rewards. But it's like anything--if you've never done it before, you must learn through trial and error. The problem is you don't have time to make mistakes. The stakes are too high, and you can't afford technology that won't save you time and money. Instead, get the benefit of the experiences of hundreds of companies who have implemented automated testing-- what worked, what didn't and why.

Who Will
Benefit From
This Handbook
  • Managers of software development and QA
  • Software testers
  • Software developers
  • Software quality consultants
  • Anyone using or considering test automation
Table of

  • Introduction
    • Why automate?
    • When not to automate
    • How not to automate
    • Setting realistic expectations
    • Getting and keeping management commitment
    • Terminology
  • Fundamentals of Test Automation
    • Maintainability
    • Optimization
    • Independence
    • Modularity
    • Context
    • Synchronization
    • Documentation
  • The Test Framework
    • Common functions
    • Standard tests
    • Test templates
    • Test dictionary
  • Test Library Management
    • Change control
    • Version control
    • Configuration management
  • Selecting a Test Automation Approach
    • Capture/Playback
      • Structure
      • Advantages
      • Disadvantages
      • Comparison considerations
      • Data considerations
    • Variable Capture/Playback
      • Structure
      • Advantages
      • Disadvantages
      • Data considerations
    • Variable Capture/Variable Playback
      • Structure
      • Advantages
      • Disadvantages
  • The Test Automation Process
    • The Test Team
    • Test Automation Plan
    • Planning the test cycle
    • Test suite design
    • Test cycle design
  • Test Execution
    • Test log
    • Error log
    • Analyzing results
      • Inaccurate resuls
      • Defect tracking
  • Test Metrics
  • Management Reporting
    • Historical trends

About the

Linda G. Hayes, BBA, CPA, MS, JD, has 15 years of experience in software development and is a frequently published author and highly rated speaker on software quality and test automation. As co-founder of AutoTester, Inc., and President of WorkSoft, Inc., a leading automated testing software vendor, she pioneered structured software test automation. Her article on integrating automated testing throughout the software development cycle won the Most Significant Contribution of the Year award from the Quality Assurance Institute and was published by Auerbach in the testing chapter of their Systems Development Handbook.

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